Product Reviews & Give-away Tips

Product Reviews & Give-away Tips


product-reviews-giveawaysThe variety of reviews and give-aways on Blogs has no limit – books, jewelery, appliances, food items, cosmetics, you name it. While there are Blogs that are mainly geared to reviews and give-aways one can actually have them on your Blog even if they are not your main focus.

A good review should be in-depth. Leave no stones unturned in sharing your views as to why you consider the product a good one and therefore recommend it to your readers. If you are truly impressed you should make many of them want to run out and get the product. Even more convincing is if you are able to give a lucky reader the chance to win the product reviewed.

Writing a post is not enough, be sure to have your camera ready so that you can include some pictures. Your review will be more effective when pictures help to highlight aspects of the product that impress you most.

It is important to let readers know whether or not you were paid to do the review. Many bloggers make it clear that it is their honest opinion and they were not rewarded. Of course in many instances you will be able to get products free so that you can do the review. You can also indicate this.

The price of a product should also be highlighted. You can state if you feel it is reasonable and where one can get good bargains for that particular product. If there are any shortcomings where a product is concerned mention them but state if the positives outweigh the negatives.

Give-aways are also an important way to show appreciation to followers of your Blog. They can be posted at any time – Bloggerversaries, holidays, weekly, monthly etc. There are even Bloggers who give away gifts when they celebrate a birthday.

Clearly state the conditions that all entrants must adhere to if they wish to enter your give-away. If the cost of postage  limits it to certain countries you have to stress this even if you have followers from many countries.

In deciding on a winner you can request a number of things. First of all it is more than likely that you want the winner to be a Follower of your Blog. You can also ask entrants to leave a comment. Many Bloggers use Rafflecopter, or some online raffle system to choose the winner. In such a case you will require that the entrants do a number of things like clicking the Like Button for not only the Blog but Facebook and Twitter Pages for your Blog as well as the product being offered. Of course the more you request the more entries you will have to make available to the persons entering.

Finally indicate how the winner will be announced. If it is by email, let the deadline for the winner to acknowledge his/her win be clearly known. In many instances if a winner does not respond in a specific time the give-away will be passed to another winner.

For sure you will be making your Followers happy as it is quite a thrill to win a give-away even if you are a Blogger yourself.

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