5 Aspects of Writing to Top SEO ranks

5 Aspects of Writing to Top SEO ranks

Bearing an untold story inside is usually an unbearable burden, as aptly put in one of Maya Angelou’s quotes. This bears the inspiration of writing, for any writer worth his salt, the story inside you is always screaming to be unleashed.

Writing is a calling; unbelievably, it calls for creativity and passion. Everyone can write, but not everyone can be a great writer, when aspiring to reach Top SEO ranks, gifted or not, you have to practice; practice makes perfect.

Writing is demanding, there are rules and instructions, there is some ethos to it, and you need to do it daily and more often than not, you come out better than you were yesterday. Here are a few steps to help you down this journey:

Have impeccable grammar and spelling

It does not matter what language you are writing in, it does not matter the region in the world or the target group for what you are writing; grammar and spelling need to be impeccable. Since these articles are meant for a large market, the grammar is one of the keys that show professionalism in the article.

You want to put across the point or subject matter that you are writing about, bad grammar does the opposite of this. If you get the tense wrong in a sentence, it distorts the whole meaning of the sentence and hence brings out a different meaning.

Failing to get these two is the beginning of misunderstanding, your article or book will not be what you intended it to be. Improve on these and start the journey.

Passionate expression of points

If everything else fails, let your inspiration come from Albert Einstein; he had no special talents, he was only passionately curious. Let this be your head lifter. This is what everyone needs, passion! It does not matter what you are doing, or who you are, without passion for what you do, it will be impossible to be good at it. Writing demands manic passion.

This does not mean that everything has to stop, but you have to love to write. Scribble down some fancy quote that goes through your head, make it a habit to express what you feel through writing and slowly get artistic when doing it; you can do it as poetry or a story. This way you get to stir the gift and get better at it.

It must address the target

When you start writing, you need to identify whom it is you are targeting. This is called the target market, or the target reader. You have to put yourself in their shoes, so that you are in a good position to address them. Knowing your target makes your articles relevant and easy to read for the target.

For instance, you cannot use medical jargon with children or people who are not doctors. All the same, you should not restrict yourself to one target group; write articles that are easy to understand.

It must be engaging

It is proven that things get interesting when you are involved in them, writing is the perfect example, if you are not in tune with your audience, you will find that their reception will not be warm. Engage your audience in your writing, write about situations where they will be compelled to choose a side, situations that happen to them in normal life. This will greatly make your writing interesting to the reader.

Know your subject matter and research

You cannot write an SEO article about something you do not know. In case you are met with an opportunity to write about a subject you have not handled before or know about, research is vital. The way to Top SEO ranks is to know and understand your subject matter, then your creative senses will kick in and you will be able to write and add your own flare to the subject in your own way.

You will be able to address your audience and educate them. However, it is important to note that you should not use another writer’s material for your own; this is unethical and frowned upon. Your research can determine many factors such as the tense of your material, the tone, and even the relevant audience. But above all the advice that I am giving you, do have fun with your content creation!

Chad is a man with a passion for the outdoors. When he is not swimming, you will find him in his library reading poems from Rudyard Kipling. As an online writer, he is an ardent user of the word count application.

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