5 Reasons Why Marketing is Important

5 Reasons Why Marketing is Important

A successful business today will utilise an efficient marketing campaign to increase awareness, generate sales and a high turnover. There are many reasons why you need marketing for your organisation, here are just 5.

1. Increase brand recognition

Whatever your product or service, people need to know what it is, recognise it and use it. This will ensure customers know you are not a fly by night business only interested in taking their money and moving on. Your brand recognition crosses product lines and specific services, it is the overall image of what you do and who are.

2. Drive growth

As your brand recognition increases, you will see additional growth in traffic and therefore sales. You don’t want to let this happen, make it happen. One quick way to drive growth is through printing services, which can quickly provide high volumes of materials for high volume distribution.

3. Enable meaningful networking

The more people know about your company, the less time you have to spend time explaining what it is you do. If there is already a baseline knowledge, any conversation you start can be about how you can specifically meet the needs of a potential customer.

4. Establish a physical connection to relate to your consumer

In today’s world of online marketing and digital media, providing a physical connection through printed media will give potential customers something they cannot just delete. For example, giving out business cards at networking events or to potential customers, gives them a tangible connection to you and your business.

5. Build a respected reputation

Some people do not realise that every business has a culture and is perceived with a unique feel by customers. This culture is shown through customer interactions and can be why people utilise your services, for many successful businesses.  These people have brand loyalty to the brand and they are your most important customers.  They are the ones who regularly purchase your products and are a good source for new business as they promote your brand to their friends.

There are many mediums available today which allow a business to use marketing effectively.  Online marketing can be seen in many forms including web page banners, email newsletters, social networking websites, and of course websites.

Offline marketing, even though it is an older form of advertising, should not be forgotten about.  There are many organisations that offer printing services including business card and brochure design,  Some companies will even help design your website so you can have both an offline and online presence.

There are many printing companies that can help you market your networking event.  Snap provide printing services in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane on the east coast of Australia.

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