Avoid Rejection Press Release on Google News

Avoid Rejection Press Release on Google News

Press Releases offer companies greater credibility and way to present accomplishments, promotions, and corporate endeavors as business news. Google News is a significant PR, SEO, and Marketing Strategy for companies. Inclusion into Google News is a big deal to many companies. Acceptance comes with an immediate reputation of high-quality and informative content.

Google has documented in their online guide several errors and reasons why a release would be rejected. Understanding and following compliance recommendations to the technical requirements will significantly increase your chances of inclusion. To highlight several of the primary factor that cause rejection include:

Content submitted is Disproportionately Short

The press release body is considered too short when compared to other segments of text without links on the page. This typically occurs when the body of the press release is filled with briefs and multimedia content, rather than the full article on the page. No exact or recommended word count has been specified.

Content Fragmented or Not Found

The press release body is filled with sentences that are not grouped into paragraphs. To avoid this error, format the body of the content into paragraphs that are no more than a few sentences. Avoid breaking up the body of the press release if possible. Avoid frequent usage of

tags in paragraphs. Ensure the body of the text is available in the source code and not embedded through JavaScript. Avoid content and link redirects. All links are required to route directly to the domain of the press release page to be submitted for inclusion. Confirm the press release HTML code do not include the “no index” meta tag as this prohibits Google from indexing the page.

Content too long or too large

User-comments placed below the press release can generate this error. Recommendation, enclose the user-comment section in an iframe that is dynamically included via AJAX or an adjacent page. Another reason includes the HTML code containing content other than the press release. Recommendation, remove the non-related content from the page. According to article, ‘Eight Ways to Help Google News Better Crawl Your Site,’ posted by Abe Epton, member of the Google News Online Operations Team, “If your article body is broken up by tags, ads, sidebars or other non-article content, we may not be able to detect the actual article body, and reject your article as a result.”

Date not found or Date too old Confirm the press release contains the original publication date and time. This information should be included on a separate line of HTML between the press release title and the press release content. If the publication date for the press release is more than 2 days old, the press release will be rejected. Currently, Google is only collecting releases that are less than 2 days old. Ensure date Meta tags are formatted according to W3C standards .

Title not allowed or not found

Confirm the title is specified in the HTML of the press release page by including the title between thetags. The title should also be listed in a primary position on the page and defined by using the

tag. Avoid hyperlinking the title on the press release page. It is best to use other links outside of the page to point to the press release.

Format Properly

JPEG images are recommended; images should be inline and non-clickable. Include text and caption descriptions for accessibility. Avoid using excessively large images. The HTML code on the press release page must include a content-type of text/html, application/xhtml+xml, or text/plain to be recognized as a supported content type. The HTML code that make-up the press release page should not exceed the W3C recommended page size of 256KB.

Keep Press Release and Original Content Separate

Confirm the original content and the press release are in different sections of the site. Press Releases when indexed by Google are labeled distinctly. If the original content is linked to the press release, add the attribute to ensure they are labeled correctly.

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