Bring Your Site to Life with Video Content

Bring Your Site to Life with Video Content

Are you more likely to read a novel or watch the film version?  Read the paper or catch the video on the news?  Is it more fun to read an instruction manual or watch an expert teach you?  If you answered the latter, you have something in common with a lot of other consumers, including your potential customers.

Study after study shows that video content generates more clicks and shares than text or even photos, and websites that show videos generate more traffic than those that don’t.  If you want your website to enjoy this kind of success, here are a few ideas for developing video content for it.

Create Instructional Videos

If you’ve got a product that needs assembly or has so many buttons that users could get lost, you could create an downloadable instructional manual, or you could produce a video that shows users how the product works.

People tend to get bored or drift off when they’re reading large blocks of text, especially when they’re accompanied by complicated diagrams.  But a video featuring a real-time tutorial and an expert to point out all the important features keeps the viewer’s interest and makes the product more understandable and easier to use.  This makes the product less frustrating to use, which makes your business look more user-friendly.

Produce Testimonials and Case Studies

If you sell Vispronet feather flags and other outdoor decorations, potential customers might wonder why they should buy them.  A satisfied customer may have an easier time explaining it.

Produce a video that shows satisfied customers using and enjoying your products.  Include a summary of the customer’s past problem and how your product helped him or her solve it.  Be sure to include footage of the customer singing your praises and making a glowing recommendation.  If potential customers see that existing customers have used and loved your products, they’ll believe that they will, too.

Share News and Event Footage

One of the strongest marketing tools at your disposal is a good publicity strategy.  Some of the best publicity out there is a third-party feature about your company and its recent activities.

If you attend an event – especially if you’re a speaker or sponsor – get your hands on a video and post it on your site.  If you’re the subject of a positive local news story, embed the video or post a link.  Share videos of news and events from anyone related to your business, including partners, staffers, and customers.  Videos are a great way to show your business in action, and sharing them is a great way to bring your website to life.

Give Your Website a Little CPR!

If content is king, video content is the king of kings.  Post more video content on your website and start generating more clicks, shares, and interaction with your business.

This guest post was written by Michelle, a marketer who knows that video content can sell more of Vispronet feather flags and other products and likes blogging about the ways to use it.

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