Building Loyal Readers for Your Blog

Building Loyal Readers for Your Blog

Building Loyal Readers Online: BlogsThere is an ocean of blogs in the internet and your blog may be another drop in the ocean; therefore you may be wondering how to build loyal readers.

s long as your site is accessible, you will continue find new people coming now and then. But just how do you make sure these people will come back and keep reading frequently? Here are some easy tips on building a loyal readership.


1. Write quality content

What your readers are looking for is content that is informative, interesting and easy to understand. Choose to write on a certain theme or topic which you are well informed. There is no point for a reader to come to your blog just to find you stating the obvious. Analyze your resources and find out what you can write best.

Stick to a particular type of content so that you attract readers with the same interests. This way, they will keep on coming back.

Making your written content stand out in the crowd is another secret to royal readership. Make it unique by using your creativity to add personal perspective, insights and opinion.

Make your content a resource that your readers can scan. You may achieve this by using a particular writing style and by use of images. Do not forget to use SEO even on your images while naming them.

2. Know your readers’ needs

You have to carry out the right key word research for your niche. Most readers will be coming to look for solutions to problems. You need to know the current problems that your readers are facing and then try to provide solutions that work. Avoid giving obvious answers and try to be creative enough to give old solutions a new approach.

3. Have fresh content regularly

Fresh content will keep your readers coming for more every time. The secret is to write regularly because the same old posts will put off your readers. If you will not be available for some time, make arrangements for guest posting so that fresh content will always be flowing even when you are not around.

4. Have a good design for your blog

The design is what creates the fist impression within a fraction of a second. A good design simply means that it streamlines with your niche. Let it be inviting and simple by avoiding pop up windows or overdoing advertisements.

5. Get back to your readers

You can have some special information that is tempting to read and use it to make your readers subscribe with their emails before they can access it. You then send emails informing them of new content. You can also keep them informed by advertising on social media.

6. Let readers actively participate

Interacting, sharing ideas, opinions and asking questions is one thing that will keep your readers coming back. They will always check back to see whether their question was answered.

7. Make use of social networking

Make it easy for your readers to reach you. Connecting with your readers in social networks will create a special bond. You can also link them back to your blog.

8. Make use of RSS feeds

RSS enables your readers to subscribe so that they are alerted when new posts have been published. Tools such as feedburner offer improved statistical control.

9. Use series posting

Series posting simply means that you arrange your content to unfold in days. You can have something like ‘30 days to becoming an excellent writer’. Your content becomes easy to organize and you are sure your readers will keep coming for more.

10. Avoid expressing negativity

You may find that you tend to disagree with some of the opinions given. This is normal and necessary for a healthy discussion. At the end it is better to agree to disagree rather than expressing negativity because it may put off your readers.

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