Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Common Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

The definition of success defines in many ways as it means different things to different people. Entrepreneurs need to evaluate and establish their own ideas and measurements for success.

The definition of success defines in many ways as it means different things to different people. Entrepreneurs need to evaluate and establish their own ideas and measurements for success. Success cannot be contained by popular opinion; one cannot construct it into a one-size fits all answer.

Every level of dedication, every level of achievement can offer various rewards and increments of success. For example, a business owner can reach successful milestones learning to write a business plan, learning to balance the books, or even hiring their first employee. In most cases, the individual more accurately gauges his or her measurement of success.

Passion or Interest

Commitment is key, which usually requires the entrepreneur to have either passion or interest in what they do. Day in and day out, sole responsibility falls on the owner to take care of business. Regardless of others and the roles that they play in the success of the business, the day-to-day details remain with the owner. Details such as managing the business operations, production, development, growth, staff, and financials – are still primary responsibilities for the owner. To endure the long haul, true passion or interest is the lifeline to commitment, which is needed to endure both the good and the bad times. Owning a business is a collaborative effort; it requires takes time, commitment, and continuous work.

Belief in the Business

An entrepreneur’s belief in their business, vision, and goals are vital elements to its success. Some people downplay their position as entrepreneur because of situations, circumstances, and others. This is a common feeling for new owners when faced with the fact that the business is either new, has not fully developed its wings to fly, may be in the stages of bootstrapping for money, and not viewed as a real business by others — it is easy to feel less than Entrepreneurial during the tough times. In spite of the emotion, entrepreneurs must stand up to the responsibility, stay committed, resist all thoughts of doubt, and believe in their business success.


Personal outlook sets the stage for future successes and failures; no business or person is off-limits. Entrepreneurs must exercise daily, confidence in their outlook, business practices, and management. Regardless of adversity, in business or life, a right mind is a right road to success. Having the right mind gives the power of value of oneself, the power to face challenges, the power to get up when setbacks knock you down, and the courage to experience everyday as new opportunities.


Self-discipline is not only an essential for best practices in business, but is a required essential for relationship with others. Often overlooked, yet greatly weighted in the arena of judgment and characterization. Taking the time to pay attention to the small things around us like showing up on time, keeping our word, and doing what is right even when no one is looking are the behaviors that can only be controlled by the power of self-discipline.


Successful entrepreneurs are people that are willing to seek knowledge and learn the right information needed to build their business. Not all entrepreneurs have background experience in owning or managing a business; therefore, they have to get the right tools and learn the essentials to successfully start and run a business. Information learned could range from how to create a business plan, to filing taxes, or hiring a new employee. The information well is limitless. It is to the entrepreneur’s advantage to networking and learning from others, like mentors or business coaches. The wisdom, insight, and experiences of others can help shape the roads to success, bypass the pitfalls, and skip avoidable failures. Good connections in business offer the power of information and the power of association have its rewards.

Are there any other entrepreneurial characteristics you have seen contribute to success?

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