How To Do Email Marketing The Right Way

How To Do Email Marketing The Right Way

Although email marketing is one of the most used (and abused) forms of direct marketing, it still has a lot of utility and life left in it when used correctly. If a current or potential customer is interested in your brand’s products and services they will be more than happy to receive an email that has compelling, interesting content in it or that adds value in some way, such as a discount coupon or information about a contest. Let’s explore how establishing an email campaign with regular emails can help drive additional sales.

Collect Customer and Prospect Emails at Every Turn

There isn’t much sense in running email marketing campaigns if you have nobody to market to, which makes the first and most important priority obtaining the email addresses of your customers and prospects. There are many ways that this can be done, so think creatively and don’t be shy about trading something of value like a discount or eBook for a user inputting their email address and subscribing to your list.

Remember: Permission is Key

Nobody likes to receive spam emails – especially not from a company that they have done business with in the past. Remember that the entire purpose of email marketing is to ensure that the reader returns to your website or business at some point to make a future purpose; irritating them by sending spam emails is a one-way ticket to losing that customer forever.

Don’t Over-Market to your List

It’s quite easy to burn out an email list unless it is used effectively, so you will need to carefully plan out your email marketing strategy and stick to it. Don’t compromise your values just to get an extra email or two out the door each month; every email must be interesting in some way and add some value to the reader or it’s not worth sending. Stick to your schedule and try to avoid emailing your list more than once or twice a month at maximum.

Reap the Rewards of Continual Brand Reminders

Email marketing can be a powerful tool in the right hands, and can be a complete disaster in others. Before sending a single email it’s worth testing everything multiple times and creating both short and long-term plans so that the goals of email marketing are fully laid out. Do this right, and there is a whole other world of new business in store!

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