How to Set up Google AdWords Campaigns for Beginners

How to Set up Google AdWords Campaigns for Beginners

Setting up a Google AdWords campaign might not be as challenging as it sounds. As with any new venture, you need to learn the lingo to understand the language. Google AdWords is simply an online advertising program that is obviously run by Google. It has quickly become a significant source of revenue for many websites, which offers a quick and simple method to generate more traffic to your online website.

Increasing Traffic to Your Website

The idea behind a Google AdWords campaign is using purchased web advertisements as a way to direct more visitors to your website, and hopefully to generate more sales. When an online individual uses Google to search for specific “anything” on the web, they will type in their “keyword” search information on the Google search address line.

Finding Your Targeted Audience

The search engine algorithm on Google computers will scour the internet seeking specific keywords that were inputted by the online targeted audience. On the search engine resulting page, if your keyword matches the searched keyword, your ad will likely appear in the column next to the results. You are only required to pay any time an individual clicks directly on your ad listed there.

The Process

The process of creating your own Google AdWords campaign includes creating, or starting the campaign. Following that, you will create relevant advertisements that use specific keywords (determined by you, with the assistance of Google). Your unique AdWords ad will then be displayed along any search engine results when an online individual using Google inputs one of your pre-specified keywords.

Where Your Ad Appears

Your ad will appear under “Sponsored Links” located on a side column of the search page. Designed to capture your targeted audience, Google AdWords displays your ad only to those who are already interested in your type of business and services you provide. You will only be charged when someone clicks on your ad.

The Steps

  1. You will be required to have a Google Gmail account to start your campaign. Application for a Gmail account is found on any Google search engine page.
  2. There are two different types of networks to display your ads. You can choose the Google search result page, or the Google display network. Google Search allows you to display ads on its search engine results page, along with its search partners. The Google Display Network provides you an opportunity to establish your online presence.
  3. You will be asked on which devices you wish your ads to appear. Most likely, your answer will be defined by the affordability of the funds you have in your budget.
  4. You be asked to choose the exact position where you want your ads to appear.
  5. You will choose between two separate delivery methods, either a standard delivery or accelerated delivery. Standard is selected automatically by Google and is highly influenced by your budget (typically chosen for small budget campaigns). Accelerated will show your ad as many times as possible until your budget money is used up. Typically, accelerated delivery is a risky campaign and best left to those who understand its perils and potential.
  6. You are given the opportunity to choose an Ad Extension should you want to enlarge the text or provide additional information, including more links.
  7. You are required to set the scheduling for your ads. You can select days of the week or specific hours when you want your ads to appear.
  8. If you have multiple ad you can choose their rotation, as only one ad can be displayed on a single page, at one time.
  9. The final step allows you to create Ad Groups that contain specific keywords that you have grouped together.

When determining exactly how you want to use your Google AdWords campaign, consider your target customer’s habits, traits, and preferences before selecting any setting in your campaign.

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