How To Start A Career In Web Design

How To Start A Career In Web Design

By Peter Muturi

Many companies today are seeking the help of professional web designers to create or maintain their website. You can decide to start a career in web design and you can be sure of a good income and an interesting way to develop your career. In plain language, web design involves planning, creating and maintaining websites. The only method that you can use and be sure to succeed in web design is going practical. Have an interest of trying out what you see being done by well established web designers. In fact you can follow a particular web designer as your mentor. If you cannot contact them, just follow them on twitter or Face book and keep trying out what they do.

Many famous web designers agree that it is not a must to have a university degree for you to be a successful web designer. However there is no harm in getting one as it will make your portfolio more colorful and add on to your professional look. Web design demands that you be ready to do some work. You have to be on the look out for new designs and keep trying them out.

Some of the skills that you will require as a web designer include Photoshop, HTML, and CSS among others. These are offered in local colleges and polytechnicS at a lower cost than in universities. In fact you can choose to take only those courses that are directly applied in actual web design.

It is highly advisable to have your own website so that you can experiment the various techniques freely. The good thing with this is that you also get to put your contact information so that those who are pleased with your designs can actually contact you. This should however not substitute advertising. You have to advertise and do it well both online and offline.

To get a good start you can begin by doing some voluntary work for an NGO. This will give you something really nice to put in your portfolio. Next, you may still find it hard to secure a fulltime job on your own. The secret now is to work as an employee in a web designing company. Here you will still add to your experience making your portfolio more colorful and adding to your skills. You should use this time to get to know what you need to start your own web design business.

Once you are on your own now, you will require various software tools and some advertisement for your new site. A good way to attract customers is to have some offers and discounts. You can even have some cookies for your royal customers. A skill used by many successful web designers is to listen to their clients so that you know what they want. Combining this with your skills and talents, you are bound to come up with a masterpiece.


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