Joining the Ranks: Political Commentator (Part 2)

Joining the Ranks: Political Commentator (Part 2)

Many readers, listeners and viewers have a deep desire for impartiality but someone wishing to become a commentator should not develop cold feet if he/she started out as a member of a political organization. This is where many commentators’ interest in politics is developed. It also does not necessarily mean that it is impossible for such persons to speak dispassionately on certain subjects. As a matter of fact it is this experience that may help to shed light on some of the actions of politicians and various political policies that are being put forward to the public.

Someone who comes from a political background can also share views on various political matters. In this instance one may play a dual role as commentator and historian. They relate things that happened in the past and state the changes they have noticed over time whether they have been for good or bad. In the process they can also share their views on how politics in their country could make a change for the better.

Some commentators are called on frequently to expound on political trends in elections over the years. They have garnered a wealth of knowledge about election results and what made a party or candidate win an election. They are of special importance when an election is on and even more important when the election results start coming in on after the polls close on an election day.

At this time the Caribbean island of Jamaica is a commentators’ paradise as Sunday, October 23, saw the swearing in of the youngest Prime Minister of Jamaica, 39 year old Andrew Holness. Our two national television stations and radio stations not only carried the swearing in live but had a team of commentators on hand. Before the swearing in these commentators were asked to state what they hoped to hear from the Prime Minister in his inaugural speech. Immediately after the speech they were asked to make their comments on what was said. In other words they not only had to state what they thought of the speech but what issues they had hoped to hear about which were not highlighted by the new Prime Minister.

Commentators are also expected to make comments on opinion polls whenever the findings are made public. A group of commentators weigh in on the results and are asked to interpret what the polls are saying and what could happen in an upcoming election.

Long gone are the days when all politicians need to do is to go on platforms all over a country showing off their public speaking skills and making promises. They are expected to participate in debates with their opponents. This is where a panel is assembled to ask questions and highly respected commentators will easily find themselves as part of this panel. They are required to ask serious questions and find out what many in the public are curious to know before that fateful day when they exercise their franchise.

As elections draw near and candidates throw their hats in the ring, the demand for commentators becomes greater. They are expected to be able to share some of the strong and weak points about various candidates and how this affects the strength of a particular party. The controversial statements and policies put forward need to be thoroughly analyzed and this is where the commentator is of special help to the voter.

Many do not underestimate the influence of the opinions of commentators. They not only help persons to form opinions on various matters but can sway their minds in a direction as to which party to vote for in an election. When you express your views they must be clear and able to hold the attention of the reader, listener or viewer from beginning to the end. Media houses the world over are always seeking commentators to help boost sales and their reputation. If you hope to number among the influential persons in this category make sure you have a wealth of knowledge at hand at all times.

Interestingly while bias should be kept in check it is no surprise that some of these commentators sometimes find themselves on the political hustings as candidates running for election. The position of a commentator not only leads to other career opportunities as columnists and talk show hosts but as speech writers and a whole raft of political appointments. So If you love politics hone this niche. The day could come when you are amazed at the level of influence you sway in your country.

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