Keeping In Touch

Keeping In Touch

Your statistics may reveal that you are getting traffic but make every effort to develop a good rapport with other Bloggers and readers. It is a two way street. If you want persons to read your Blog you need to visit other Blogs and not only read their posts but take time out to share your comments.  In many instances they too will do likewise. You will be surprised that you can build friendships with these persons whom you have never met.

Some bloggers are willing and able to help others. They not only give you encouragement but as you learn the ropes you will have certain questions and you can ask for help and get it readily. As a matter of fact some are even willing to give you suggestions when you have not requested it.

One good suggestion that some Bloggers have been passing around is the need to turn off word verification.  You may have regarded it as a natural part of the whole process.  It is intended to minimize spam from Blog comments but at times it is not easy to decipher the words.  The bad side is that someone who wants to share a comment may be turned off after several failed attempts to get the captcha code right.  There are some readers who will not comment on a blog with these codes. You even see widgets on Blogs heralding that it is not a word verification Blog.  You may not want to go that far but on the section where persons write comments indicate that there is NO WORD VERIFICATION. If you want to minimize spam choose to moderate your comments before they are published.

From time to time bloggers receive various awards and pass them on. When you number among those chosen by other bloggers show your appreciation. Readers often check out your Blog when they see these awards and you will gain more followers.

Depending on the type of Blog, polls can be used to get feedback on a wide range of subjects. This will help you to know the pulse of your readers and how you proceed with your Blog. The poll can be posted on the sidebar for some time or you can publish a post where you ask a question to get the views of your readers.

Keep abreast of ways to interact with your readers and followers and let them know how much you appreciate their support.


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