How to Make Money Selling Stock Photos

How to Make Money Selling Stock Photos

Stock photos are those photographs that may be licensed for particular usage. They substitute the need of hiring a photographer and therefore save time and money. To start making money with stock photo there are a few thing you should have:

  • Your camera has to be of good quality probably 5MP and above
  • You need to dedicate at least five hours in a week for photography
  • You need to be able to travel to different sceneries  to capture interesting photos
  • Be able to link your photo with keywords
  • Be a good photo editor
  • Have some friends or relatives who can sigh a model release

There are websites that are willing to pay you to use your talent and skills in photography. These sites give you a space where you can upload your best shots and people can buy them. The site will specify the file type that your photos should be. In case you have some good looking photographs that you have taken and are laying idle in your pc, just give it a start. You may be sitting on a gold mine. Reference resources (HowSellStockPhotos) or (SellPhotos).

In addition, here are a list of websites to get you started selling your photos online:

BigStockPhoto is a site where you have to take a test that qualifies you to upload photos. The photos are reviewed by some editors and when approved you are paid 50 cents each time a download is made. When you choose to sell your photos under special licensing agreement, you can earn more than $50 for a single download. They pay through Moneybookers (now Skrill) or pay pal but if you prefer a check, they can mail it to you.

iStockphotos is another place you can sell your photos. At iStockPhoto size is what matters and small images are automatically rejected while the large ones are preferred. The accepted formats are only the JPG and the RBG. Payment is made through a check, Moneybookers or PayPal.  You can earn 20-40% on you photo.

Dreamstime pays you 50-80% from every sale made. The photos have to be of good quality with not less than 3MP and should be RGB or JPG. Dreamstimme also requires you to have a model release. They pay through PayPal, Moneybookers or check.

Fotolia pays about 52% to you and often gives suggestions of the photos that are in demand. There are different quality requirements for images for web use and print use. Files should not be less than 2000×3000 pixels.

Shutterstock requires that the images be 2.5MP and 4MP for newbies. They pay 25 cents per download and users can earn from a referral program. Payment is via checks which are sent via mail each month.

To ensure that you do not lose money, make sure you copyright your image then Conduct an internet research to establish which images are on demand. Some sites such as Fotolia will give you suggestions on this but others will leave it entirely on you to do the research.

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