How to make money with You Tube

How to make money with You Tube

You Tube has hundreds of partners making six figures a year. You are not locked out of this league of money makers. You too can be a partner and learn how to make money with YouTube.

You can start the action through product placement. For example, Michelle Phan, a make-up teacher created the Lady Gaga poker face tutorial video, showing young women how to replicate the pop singer‘s entire look, hair accessories and make-up. Believe you me; this was a tremendous placement as it received more than 27.3 million views! With passion and determination, you can be a Michelle in your own way.

You can also use You Tube’s promoted videos to generate leads and make your cash registering. uses You Tube to generate 50 percent of the traffic to its website. Link your videos to what your host provides. Try to match the standards of your work to that already in display. Learn about the audience preferences by analyzing what videos receive more views. This is a good market research to help you in decision making. In trying to keep your head above other video providers, ensure that you go for the extraordinary aspect of things or events. This will give your videos the cutting edge that will separate you from the others.

It is important to have with you the desired marketing tips. You need to know what strategies are best and will appeal to your audience. Learn from the already successful personalities in this field and implement what you think is necessary but avoid being a copy-cut. Here are some marketing tips that are worth a look:

Optimize your video for You Tube by having the best of your collection uploaded

Create compelling video content to ensure that the eyes of each internet visitor will give a moment to it

Engage the You Tube community to give guidelines on their product specifications and standards

Measure outputs vs outcome to be able to scale the viability of your efforts and know whether to push on or quit.

If you want to really sell your videos, please note this before even you think of picking your camera: You Tube will not let you make money off your video if it…

“…contains content that you did not create or get permission from its creator to use”

“…shows people from whom you did not seek consent to photograph them”

“…has content that would be inappropriate for children.”

All the above conditions are towards upholding legal and moral aspects in the field of photography. Your host will not want to engage in legal battles for copyright nor will they want to lose their social obligation. Having a video violating the above conditions will be a concluded case that it will not be accepted no matter how compelling it might be.

As easy as folks like Philip DeFranco makes it look, making money on video sharing site is however, a rough road that takes plenty of time, patience and persistence.

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