How Get Paid as a Blogger

How Get Paid as a Blogger

There is always a lot of talk about writing your own blog, but have you ever thought of the opportunities that exist in becoming a paid blogger on other peoples’ blogs? There are a number of people who earn their living from blog writing, and not all the money they make is from their own blogs.

First, a number of sites exist and allow you to write for their own network of blogs. is a typical example. It has a network of blogs that you can apply to manage and write on for an agreed payment every month. The blogs are already created and your task will only be that of posting your articles.

Experience is very vital here. You need to show your potential employers that you are able to run a blog successfully. Create your own blog and keep it up to date for a month or more before you take interest in other people’s blogs. You can still write for other companies on your blog and add an extra channel of cash. After you are sure that your blog can impress a potential employer, venture into people’s blogs. They will request for past jobs and you can comfortably refer them to your own blog. Once they establish your worthy, the rest will be a downhill journey.

You need to market yourself as a premium blogger. This is relatively easier than setting up your own blog from scratch, building up interesting and good content and then getting readers to visit your website. For a start take a considerable number of blogs in your niche. Ensure you give them your best. This will serve as a practicing stage and you can assess yourself as per the returns. Once you are confident that this is your career, you can take on more blogs. You already have built a good name and all you need now is to keep getting better with time.

Anchor your niche in the sites where you bid on work offered. This will give you a chance to be one on one with others of your kind. It is here that you will interact with other commercial bloggers and get ideas to enrich your skills. Working under competition will keep you on your toes. Ensure you are not the cheapest bidder; clients will question your credibility. Also, do not be the highest one as clients may consider your prices as exorbitant and this will limit your chances of getting hired.

Once you are in it, never look back. Keep your eyes open on any new trends that might be beneficial. Anything serving to fatten your wallet is worth a shot. A good example is working as a ghost blog writer for employers from freelancing sites such as Elance or Guru. You may never be credited for your work, but as long as you make enough money, why bother with copyrights. Your least concern is who benefits from your work as long as you get your due.

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