Download Books online from Anywhere in the World

Download Books online from Anywhere in the World Fiction BestsellersFounded in 2000 with just 50 titles, eBooks now offers a vast catalog of titles from all of the world’s leading English language book publishers. Users can download books to computers, tablets and smartphones. They can also read books online, from any computer, anywhere, without downloading or installing anything.

First online bookstore to enable its customers to:

look inside a book before buying,
read their books online and download the whole book, and
search the entire contents of every book in our catalog.

Diverse customer base is made up of:

A new generation of readers who prefer digital to paper books
People living in isolated locations but who want instant access to English language books
Professionals and business people who want to keep texts on their PCs.
Owners of PDAs and smart-phones who want to read on the move
Students and researchers who want to be able to search hundreds of pages of a book in seconds
People who can’t wait a few days for physical delivery

The technical infrastructure is cutting edge, robust and scalable, with servers in the US and Europe. Services are provided in every country in the world.

Download over 200,000 book titles…

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