On The Research Trail

On The Research Trail

When a journalist is doing research the information gathered can come from persons in a variety of fields and from all walks of life. Some persons will not mind you quoting them and take pride in knowing that they contributed to your work. There are even some who welcome being interviewed on camera. However never forget that in some instances persons eagerly share information only if they know that you will not be quick to reveal your sources. Once you develop a good reputation with the latter they will be first to share information with you instead of you having to go in search of them.

If you intend to write or call names make sure that you have them right and that includes the spelling. Names are spelt in a variety of ways so do not just assume that it is the spelling that you are accustomed to. A wrong name or spelling could lead to a wide range of problems including legal action. A person’s initial is certainly not good enough. So you do not write J. James. Make sure that all names are written out.

In many countries today when politicians hit the campaign trail and utter statements media houses have journalists who are assigned the task of checking the facts and presenting them as part of their news package. If an editor calls on you to be the one to check the facts make sure that you know exactly where to find the accurate information that with confidence you can state what is true or untrue. This will mean gathering information from impeccable sources.

Some clips of politicians will help to show how much you have really researched an issue. In this process you will not only help to spread truth but will put politicians on their guard. Hopefully you will number among those persons who are ready to remind those seeking public office that long gone are the days when they can get on a platform and make wild statements and have any chance of getting away with it. If politicians want true support especially from the uncommitted they will be forced to stick to the facts.

After you have proven your worth re knowledge on a particular niche many persons will keep coming back to your medium. You would have now become a knowledgeable source on a particular subject. In this process you will be happy for the knowledge you have gained and the ability to impart it and win a good audience.

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