Starting a Career in the Business of Writing

Starting a Career in the Business of Writing

If you find it easy and enjoy expressing yourself in writing, it is possible for you to start a career as a writer. Depending on your current job status you may choose writing as a full-time or part time career. There are many writers that have left their jobs after learning writing can also offer a rewarding full-time career. Not only are you getting paid to do what you love but you also have the opportunity to be successful at it. This however, does not mean that there are no challenges associated with building a career in writing. Nonetheless, you can overcome them with focus, discipline, inner motivation and the perseverance to put your ideas in writing; most importantly, be willing and ready to adopt the lifestyle of a career learner.

The first step towards starting a career in writing is decide whether you want to be a full-time writer or a part time-writer. Regardless of your ability to start now, success starts with a plan and goals to drive your actions. If full-time writing is your choice, at some point you will have to make a decision to pursue it; however, if you need to keep it safe, part-time might be a good place to start. This way you can pursue and work towards a full-time writing career while maintaining your current job, to pay the bills.

The second step is decide what type of writer do you want to be? The world of writing is a broad community with a wide range of opportunities and prospects. For example, there are technical writers, general writers, screen writers, novelists and more. To illustrate, if you were to choose a career in technical writing, your work would include writing about machinery, assemblies, instruction manuals, and various other documents like mother vehicle manuals. You may also write articles on how to perform technical tasks such as installing and using computer applications.Therefore, interest in the area you choose is important or the work can quickly grow difficult and unsatisfying. General writers are often mainstream and have a wider range of variety to write about.

The can be a good resource for both new and experienced writers. The Writers Market is one of the most comprehensive guides to getting published. Founded in 1921, they have been providing contact information, tips on writing, formatting, and more. The reference material is available in Print and online. Writers can search their extensive database for thousands of markets easily. They also offer daily spotlights, news from the publishing communities, search tools and more.

Attending writing courses and workshops such as those on is a beneficial way to gain new skills, ideas, and connections to other writers in the publishing community. The most valuable skills and experience you can build and learn is knowing what your audience wants and providing them with information they can learn from.

Experience builders can include participating in writing competitions, volunteer and insternship work, or even contributions as a freelancer writer for companies like oDesk, Elance, Textbrokers and a wealth of other platforms. These opportunities will help you build an grow not only the quality of your work, but also your portfolio.

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