The 5 Key Steps to Setting up The Best Social Media Profiles

The 5 Key Steps to Setting up The Best Social Media Profiles

Anyone with an online business will no doubt find it hard to avoid advice on the importance of social media advertising for promoting your company online. Whilst record numbers of people have been converted to the social way of marketing, it isn’t enough to simply set up a Facebook page and leave your success to fate. Neither is it sufficient just to post or tweet from your page on a regular basis. Not if you haven’t spent the necessary time and effort creating the best platform for your company’s social media efforts.

Best Social Media Profiles

It is likely you’ll amass a fair amount of time posting, tweeting, sharing and interacting with your users, but for these efforts to be worthwhile, it is important to make sure your page is as optimized as the rest of your campaign. Here are five ways to do this:

  • Pay attention to your images. Whatever line of business you’re in, be sure that your images are clear, appealing and up to date. This is especially important for those with e-commerce sites and those in retail sectors, but nevertheless is essential across the board. Even if the only images you include are your logos or awards, it makes sense to ensure these are sharp and well positioned, to give the impression of quality.
  • The first impression your online users make of you based on your social media profiles is through your title and tagline. These may only take a few moments to create but the number of people who get this wrong can be astonishing. Your page name should preferably be your company name. Titles which are too long or obscure may result in your users not being able to find you, possibly falling straight into the arms of your competitors. Your tagline should also remain concise, but be able to sell your company within a sentence or two.
  • Include enough content. Your social profiles should be optimized just as well as the rest of your campaign, and including well written, interesting copy that is targeted towards your audience as well as integrating your search terms is not only the best way to gather followers, but can also work wonders for your SEO campaign.
  • If you’ve taken the time to carry out the first three steps carefully and effectively, chances are you’ll want your efforts to be seen, and the only way this is going to happen is if you acquire yourself a sufficient audience. When using platforms such as Twitter it is possible to follow others in the hope they will return the favor. By searching through your competitors’ user base and following selected individuals, you are attracting the interest of like-minded people and hopefully obtaining your own audience for when you begin your campaign.
  • When your profile is all but set up you might want to think about installing various apps. Particularly when using Facebook there are a lot of apps which can really drive business forward but perhaps the best one is the Facebook shopping cart. Allowing your users the opportunity to set up and purchase orders from you without even leaving the page, this is one tool that no e-commerce site should be without.

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