Top Companies to Self Publish your Book

Top Companies to Self Publish your Book

Self-publishing has become a popular and convenient alternative to traditional publishing. Included is a list of the top companies to self publish your book.

Self-publishing is defined as the publishing of a book or other media, by the author. The publication of the work is established without involvement from an established third-party publisher. The author is responsible for the entire process including design, format, price, distribution, marketing, public relations, and rights. This work is performed by the author or the author could outsource parts of the work to other companies that specialize in self publishing services such as those listed within this article.

Getting the Process Going

Many of the self-publishing companies have chosen to adopt the print on demand policy (POD). With print on demand services, a copy of your book is stored by the publishing company and is only printed and shipped when an order has been made. Very convenient, don’t you think so? Further, self-publishing allows you to keep all the rights to your book as opposed to the traditional in-house publishing which dint allow you to have all the rights. A good self-publishing company should be able to offer you with pre-publishing and publishing services. Some very good ones will also offer you promotional services as well. They should also be able to offer additional paid services and have a wide book selling reach. It goes without saying that the self-publishing company should be able to give you all the help and support you need during and after publishing. Most, self-publishing companies basically have the same principles but their prices may differ due to the different approaches they use.


Lulu is not just a publisher; it is a digital marketplace where you can use some of their tools to format your digital work. The good thing with Lulu is that the traditional entry barriers are eliminated and you are able to reach your audience directly. You get to earn 80% of the revenue generated from your book. If you are worried about marketing your book, you don’t have to be because Lulu has a dedicated market place ensuring that you work is available to as many people around the world as possible.


This among the pioneers in the industry and it is mostly publishing traditional books although they offer full color print. Apart from data entry they also offer other services such as alteration and correction as well as indexing and copyediting.


The most outstanding feature is probably the advanced book designing software that allows you to add text, pictures and artwork to you book. They also do not restrict you to use their templates; you can either make your own or use their readymade ones. Unlike most publishing companies who insist that you should order books in bulk, Blurb will allow you to order as little as a single copy at a starting price of$12, 95. Your book can be sold through blurb’s website If you open it to the public.


Apart from self-publishing services, iUniverse offers editorial and marketing services to its authors. This ensures that you can get what you would expect in a traditional publishing house and more. There are different packages available that come at different rates.


This is a self-publishing company belonging to Amazon. It is not meant for authors alone but filmmakers and musicians too. The best thing about it is that you can use their publishing wizard that will take you through the publishing process. Their wizard will also help you design the book cover meaning that you don’t need to hire a designer.


This company has been around for more than 14 years and they have published more than 40,000 authors. This means that they are reliable and that they have specialized in this line of expertise. There are many useful tools that allow the author to have a wide range of choice. The author also gets to retain all the rights and editorial control.


A young self-publishing company that can serve you well if you are under a strict budget. Though it only prints in black and white, it has three different formats for the paperback. They have a provision where you can set your book’s price and earn each time a sale is made through their channels and retailers.


A real self-publishing giant and it even claims to be the largest in the industry. It is possible to co-write books through social media which is integrated using the online text editing feature. What makes it unique from other publishing companies is the fact that it is free but you are not assured of getting published. There are usually 3 cycles throughout the year when you can submit your work to be published. As an author you get 50% of the profits.


Founded in 1995, MyPublisher, offers affordable, high-quality custom-made books for personal and creative outlets. Their intuitive and innovative software has made the company one of the leading publishers of photobooks in the world. They have sold more than 5 million photobooks since 2002.


This is a great place for those seeking to publish a photo book. If you are publishing a travel diary, a baby book, a recipe book, a wedding book or a pet book, you will receive customized editions. It is a popular destination for professional photographers.

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