5 Mistakes Companies Make When Monitoring Online Reviews

5 Mistakes Companies Make When Monitoring Online Reviews

If you own a business, you understand the impact that online reviews can have on your business. Because of this, you have probably started to monitor review sites, whether on your own or through the help of tools like Review Push or ReviewTrackers.com.

Monitoring Online ReviewsBut even having an eye on the information that is being shared about your brand is not enough to remain unimpacted by what these reviews do to your business. Many companies think that simply monitoring their brand is enough to keep them out of harm’s way, but some companies don’t monitor correctly. Plenty of businesses who have used monitoring tools have still fallen victim to negative reviews.

The following are five mistakes that companies make when monitoring online reviews.

Mistake #1: Not using monitoring tools.

Some companies make the decision to monitor review sites on their own. They simply peruse a few of the popular review sites to see what’s being said about their business. But this is not an effective way to monitor. If you truly want to know what’s being said about your business—and know in real time—you need to invest in a monitoring tool. Even having a Google Alerts account is better than nothing.

Mistake #2: Not monitoring often enough.

Whether you’re using a monitoring tool or not, it’s important that you schedule ample time to review the information you find or that is being presented to you through your monitoring tools. If you only check your reviews every other week, you’re leaving a large amount of time for additional reviews to come in and sit unanswered.

Mistake #3: Not responding to negative reviews.

If you come across a negative review—and believe me, you will—you need to respond. If you don’t, that review will sit there unanswered forever. Now, the customer will become more frustrated and may even turn to additional review sites to express their frustrations, and other customers will see the review without your response and possibly use it to feed their negative review.

Mistake #4: Not responding to positive reviews.

Negative online reviews are not the only thing that should get your attention and initiate a response. You should also be responding to positive reviews about your business. This will show the customer that you appreciate their taking the time to review your business, and it will make them remain loyal to your brand.

Mistake #5: Not claiming your business.

Online review sites allow you to claim your business so that you can provide accurate information about your business. Some companies just allow the customers to create the page for them and then monitor what is being said. But when you claim your page, you can ensure that all information is correct, and you can also respond to reviews posted about your business.

Online review sites are popping up all over the place. There are some dedicated to a specific niche and there are others that allow customers to review anything. It’s important that you review and monitor these sites to understand what’s being said about your brand. Just make sure that when you do, you’re not making any of these mistakes.

Jacob Smith is a small business owner and blogger.  He likes to give advice to others on the web about review tracking and the best ways to monitor online reviews.

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