5 Ways to Achieve an Intuitive Website

5 Ways to Achieve an Intuitive Website

Your website is designed to attract customers, allowing them to identify your brand, your products or services easily and quickly. But is your website really working for you, or is it actually driving potential customers away? Here are five tips to help you make sure that you have an effective site.

Do Your Research

Intuitive WebsiteYou can have the most up-to-date site imaginable but if it isn’t attracting customers then it isn’t working for you. Understand your target market and make sure that your site is offering customers exactly what they want. Use focus groups if necessary, or conduct a survey of actual and potential customers to ensure that your site delivers what they want.

Spend Time on Web Design

A well-designed site should make it easy for visitors to recognise your brand and to understand exactly what products or services you offer without having to search too hard. Content should be clear, concise and updated regularly to inspire confidence in customers. Navigation should be simple to use and remain consistent throughout the site. Fonts, text and photographs should all present a consistent theme and brand identity to inspire confidence in the consumer.

Make Use of Technology

Gone are the days when websites were only accessed through a desktop computer. Nowadays, a site has to be compatible with various devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. With such a range of devices it is common for technical glitches to arise, but these should be kept to a minimum to avoid destroying customer confidence. It is probably best to consult a professional designer who will understand fully the features that will attract and keep customers and who will know how to avoid the pitfalls of the technology involved.

Check Your Statistics

Analysis of visitors and how they use your site can yield valuable information about the way in which your site is performing. Determining patterns in visitor activity can show which pages are most visited, how many unique visits you are attracting and the pages that most people exit the site from. You can also ascertain how visitors came to your site, whether it’s by referral or search engine, which allows you to target your market effectively.

Optimize Your Site

This is where a professional web designer is almost certainly a necessity. You will also need a good copywriter, who will know how to get the right keywords on your site to drive traffic your way from search engines. Without good search engine optimisation, visitors will never find you, so this is one area that no company should skimp on.

Daley takes an avid interest in graphic design and believes that every good business should seek out a great creative design agency when developing a website.

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