The Benefits of Google Authorship to Businesses

The Benefits of Google Authorship to Businesses

You may have heard the term, but do you know what Google Authorship is and what it does? Authorship is linked to Google+. It allows you to feed in the content that you published on another site. For example, an article on a major site like Tech Crunch, or a guest blog post – and link it to your Google+ profile. Multiple sites, in fact.

The benefit of being able to link it to Google+ is wider reach and better search results for your work. How that works is by adding additional links to an author’s profile every time their work is accessed through search.

For example, if you have a piece on a blog or site about “cake decorating,” linked to your Google+ via Google Authorship, and someone accesses your article through a Google search, Google will add a “more by” option to the search page.

I search “cake decorating,” click on your article, find it useful. I hot my browser’s back button to see what else is there, and suddenly Google shows me “more by [your name]” in the search. Brilliant! Since I found your piece helpful, I may want to read more by you. You in turn get more clicks to your work, which may increase your personal revenue, depending on how your blogs and articles are structured in terms of pay. It certainly gives you more recognition through Google, which is key.

It also means that people searching will see your articles from more than one domain. So if they click on your piece at one site, and click back, they may find a piece you wrote for a completely different site.

Open Your Catalogue Up To Search

The main point of this is that someone will have to read your whole article (or most of it). Just clicking on the link and then hitting the back button won’t provide the extra link resources. Google’s ever-mysterious algorithms decide we want to read more after we’ve spent a moment or two on the page. Less than that, and they figure the search was a dud for the reader, so why would they want more?

So set yourself up with Google+, if you haven’t already. Make sure the name you submit articles under is the same as the one on Google+. Upload your profile picture. Finally, set about linking your various posts and articles out there in cyberspace to your Google+ account via Google Authorship.

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