Developing a Unique Site Concept

Developing a Unique Site Concept

Many new website owners jump on the bandwagon because of the lure of making money online in their niche. The inexperienced delving into competitive niches do not realize what they are up against and model themselves after the top ranking sites, missing out on the fact that it takes more than just a cool site to rank for competitive terms.

Developing a Unique Site ConceptThe one question a new site owner should be asking himself first is “how is my website going to offer something the others don’t?” If you examine your competition and brainstorm what could be missing in your niche, providing the answer to that needed information will give your Unique Site its purpose and set it apart from the rest.

Developing a Unique Voice

When you first come up with the idea for your website content, the direction your site should take to differentiate it from others probably won’t be obvious unless you’ve been involved in your niche and are providing an answer to a problem or need others have been expressing for some time. In the event you don’t know what that need is, it’s time to find out so you can model your site content around your findings. Visit other websites in your niche. Can you think of what your niche needs that they are not providing? I have found that if you visit niche forums, that’s where your potential site visitors are expressing their wish lists. Not every wish is one that can be granted, but if the concept is executable and won’t present any conflicts, you’ve found your unique selling proposition. When people express that wish again, your site becomes the resource to provide the answer, thus achieving unique site status.

Gathering Ideas from Search Results

Generate a long tail keyword list related to your domain. Now, check the search results for your queries. Do they provide high quality and/or relevant results? If they offer poor quality results or results that differ greatly from what you could offer, you can create a list of ideas for site content.

For instance, you might find the results for a how-to inquiry only generate forum threads on a particular topic. What’s missing? Detailed step-by-step instructions with photos and/or video that you can create. When you identify a trend of what’s missing in your niche, you then have a plan you can apply to all of your content.

Types of Wishes You Can Grant

  1. Give something for free that other sites charge for.
  2. Create a tool to make visitors’ lives easier.
  3. Create a directory of information your visitors search for.
  4. Provide more indepth information for a search query.
  5. Offer more/better services for the same money.
  6. Be the answer to what people complain about.

Always ask yourself, “what’s in it for my visitors to come to me instead of my competition?” If the answer is clear, you have a plan to move forward. If you can’t answer that question, your site concept needs work.

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