Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools to Track Web Data

Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools to Track Web Data

Google Analytics is one of the most popular and widely used free internet services right now. According to an estimate, there are around 14,813,584 websites right now that use Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free internet service, which anonymously tracks your website visitors and their interaction with your website. When it is combined with other useful information of your campaigns and conversions, it provides detailed insight and data about your website.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools to Track Web DataAdvantages of Google Analytics:

Following are some of the advantages of using Google Analytics:

•    Integration with AdWords campaign to provide more useful information.
•    Statistics on the bounce rate of certain webpages.
•    Ability to check which pages bring the most amount of traffic, and which ones need to be edited.
•    Which group of customers has been properly nurtured to be converted customers?
•    Customized reporting and analysis.

How to Install Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a simple process. Following is a step-by-step guide on how to install Google Analytics in your website to track data and statistics.

1.    The first step is to get signed up for a Google Analytics account.
2.    In order to do that, go to: and create an account there.
3.    To be able to use any Google product, it is compulsory that you have a Google account. In case you do not have a Google account, make sure to get one at:
4.    You will be asked to insert your website’s URL, which you desire to track.
5.    After filling the above form by insert your website’s URL, selecting http:// or https://, account name, country and time zone, you are required to fill in some personal information to move forward:
6.    You will be required to insert your first name, last name and country.
7.    After that, agree with the Google’s user terms and agreement, if you agree with it.
8.    The next step, which is the most important one, is to complete the ‘Add Tracking’ segment.
9.    Decide the select what do you want to track?

The options are:
•    Track multiple domains in one profile
•    Track more than one subdomain in a single profile.
•    Track multiple domain aliases e.g.,,

10.    The next step is to copy the tracking code, which should be mentioned at the right side of the page.

Installing the Tracking Code:

One last step is to install that tracking code that you have just copied. The installation method differs in various platforms. Choose the one which is compatible with yours.

For instance:
•    If you use WordPress, go the Admin Panel, and copy the code in footer.php before the tag.
•    If your website is a bunch of HTML pages, you will have to copy paste the track code in each and every page as you did above.

Installation of Webmaster Tools:

Google Analytics is arguably the best tool. However, you can also install the Google Webmaster Tools for more detailed information.

Following is a simple guide:

  • Go the and get registered there.
  • Once logged in, click the ‘Add site’ button and insert your website’s URL.
  • Verify your website by choosing any of the verification method.
  • If you have already installed Google Analytics, it will be recommended to link the webmasters tools with GA.

After that, you will be done with the entire installation. By using both the above services, you will be able to track and monitor all the information and data necessary for your business’s and website’s success.

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