Twitter Search and Storify – Get More Engaged Followers

Twitter Search and Storify – Get More Engaged Followers

What are the most effective ways to get more Twitter followers organically? Maybe not a million dollar question for online marketers, but still an important one, having in mind that Twitter has the power to spread the word and build brand awareness and loyalty faster and more effectively than any other social media site.

Get More Engaged FollowersOrganic followers (i.e. not bought followers) are people who decided to follow you on their own because they are interested in what you tweet about. This kind of followers is the most engaged one, and engaged followers are good – they will RT, mention, reply and most likely visit the links you send out within your tweets, so they are what the Twitter fuss is all about. Now, you should somehow get them to notice and then follow you, and we’ll talk about two easy and fast ways to do so in a minute.

A simple truth you need to know before you go the Twitter route

People love to interact with other people (well, at least people on social media sites – that’s why they are there); they will follow you for any good reason – because you share valuable information, or they perceive you as an expert or leader, or they just find you amusing – as long as they don’t feel like you’re using them. They don’t like to see a marketing plan behind your tweets, and they don’t like if you talk only about you. So before you do anything, think about ways to be more human on Twitter.

And now about the goodies – two easy and actionable ways to get more people interested in what you have to say to follow you:

Twitter search

This tip is a “back to basics”; with Twitter being around for such a long time, and many tools created around it to make the marketers’ lives easier, we sometimes forget that there are quicker and still effective ways to do things.

Twitter search is like any other website search, but instead of articles, it lists the people and tweets containing the keyword you’ve set up the search for, providing you with an excellent way to jump into a conversation, or just to answer a question, and to present yourself as a helpful source – which will hopefully get you new followers.

If your niche is small, you can set up searches for your keywords, the ones you’re using on your blog; if this search returns too many results, it means that there’s general interest around your topic, and you can narrow it down. One of the best ways to find people who have some sort of problem related to your topic is to go with searches like: “how do I” KEYWORD, “how can I” KEYWORD, etc. People tweeting these kinds of questions clearly have a problem to solve, and if you can help them, they will probably check your profile and your previous tweets to learn more about you, and probably start to follow you with a lot of chances of becoming a part of your engaged audience later on.

The additional value of a Twitter search: if you find that there’s a lot more people tweeting about their posts around your keyword than those who tweet about it for a “real” reason – the problem they’re having, or a general interest – it’s maybe the sign to reconsider the market you’re entering, or to try and find another set of keywords that perhaps raise more interest with real people. Another possibility is that people interested in your keywords probably aren’t on Twitter, so another social media place would probably be a better choice.


Twitter search can work beautifully, but you can also combine it with Storify to make things more interesting. Storify is a tool that lets you take the tweets you find and turn them into a story. If you find some interesting tweets that inspire you, and if you can combine them together (feel free to mix in your own), making a story and notifying people who were involved in its creation will definitely make them pay attention to you.

Of course, you can expand the use of Storify to your blog (you can publish the Storify story there, with clickable links) and attract some tweets and shares to it.

There’s sometimes no need to go after the latest toys and tools; using tools already at your disposal, there’s no limit to what you can do with just a bit of creativity.

Twitter is one of Jeff Gross‘s favorite ways to build relationships, which often results in getting invaluable information, or having more business offers.

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