Improving Your Site's Product Page

Improving Your Site's Product Page

Offering customers enough information to make an informed purchase is significant in any product page; however, bombarding a customer with information might scare away customers who can’t find the information they need on a crowded page. Finding the balance requires an understanding of what customers want to see on a page as well as what information is necessary for the best buying experience.

Graphics and Media Boost Interest

improve-website-product-pagesProfessional photographs add immense value to the way in which people perceive a business and its products. For physical products, photographs should provide views from different angles as well as provide a sense of scale for the item. In addition, a business may want to include video on product pages when appropriate. Products that have moving parts often benefit from a video demonstration.

Clarify Shipping and Returns

Surprising a customer at the checkout page with an unexpected shipping charge may lead to shopping cart abandonment. Offering a visitor the choice to enter his or her shipping address is one solution for reducing shipping surprise. A short note or clear return policy is also a valuable element on a product page. A buyer shouldn’t need to search on other pages in the site for this information.

Create Unique Content

Although it’s not necessary to create an entire novel, adding some unique content about the product or its potential uses may offer benefit. For example, a company that sells running shoes might want to share a customer’s positive experience with the shoes. Product descriptions that don’t mimic dozens of other sites also help distinguish a business’s product pages.

Optimize Every Page

By now, most businesses are aware of standard search engine optimization techniques; however, many product pages for businesses that sell products online are without any significant SEO. Simple additions like keywords, content, images, and meta tags will add incredible value to a product page. Creativity in product page SEO may even extend to the names of products, which should feed into SEO keyword choice.

Time the Purchase

A countdown timer of some sort is a rather devious method to encourage a purchase. Revealing how many of a particular item are in stock will create a sense of urgency. A message such as, “only 3 left in stock!” will get a customer to wonder whether waiting to purchase would be a good idea. In addition, a small countdown counter is a great way to “lock” an item in for purchase before it will be released back into the general pool.

Post User Reviews

Customers will trust a review much about a product more quickly than the company selling the item. Not only do customer reviews add valuable content to a product page, they also allow customers to do some research about the product without ever leaving the site. A company may also choose to respond to negative reviews as a form of customer service; however, this type of communication must be handled tactfully.

When a business is able to strike a healthy balance between valuable content and smart design, each product page created adds immense value to the overall website.

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