Journaling Will Awaken the Writer in You

Journaling Will Awaken the Writer in You

Anyone wishing to become a writer can make a good start by journaling. It does not matter how you record things. In other words there is no right or wrong way to journal. The entries can be short or long and you can make them daily, weekly, monthly or any time you wish. They can be written in the form of letters, poems, essays etc. Of course this is your private way to release all the thoughts and emotions about your various experiences in life and it is up to you to decide what you want to keep private forever. However the day may come when you will be surprised how handy this material is if you do decide to launch a career in writing or rekindle a writing career that has lost its flame.

For those of us who are writers it can be the means of getting us out of a bad state of writer’s block. Let us say you have lost a close relative and writing has become the last thing on your mind. You do not think you can even write a coherent sentence much less an article. Get any book that you can write in and start expressing how you feel on a daily basis. Here you will be in the process of giving yourself some good therapy as you use writing as a grief management tool.

While you may find yourself expressing the sadness and grief you feel in the early stages, eventually you will find it possible to write about all the good times you had with the departed loved one. Journaling is about life’s experiences whether they be good or bad. It can even be about the journey you have taken to achieve a life long goal.

Now to the day when you decide to write some articles. As you start sharing some of your experiences from this journal you will in turn be helping persons in a similar situation. They may consider themselves strange and alone in the world where certain experiences are concerned. However you will help them realize that it is normal after all because you have also walked this road, one that is made up of hills and valleys.

In this process not only the flame of your writing is being rekindled but you are doing what every writer hopes to do and that is to inform, educate and in some instances entertain.

A publication or site that caters to those facing grief for instance will welcome articles about coping with loss and what you have done as part of the healing process. They hope you will not only help others in a similar situation but persons to better understand what a friend or relative is going through.

The internet offers so many avenues to share your writing with people all over the world and get their feedback. You can opt to submit articles to sites and publications that you think suitable for the material you have gathered. In another instance you could start a Blog or write guest posts for other Blogs. Your journal will provide material for many a Blog Post.

Some who have spent the time journaling eventually find out that they have enough material that they can set about writing a book. It is just that everything has to be structured and written in a manner that will be acceptable to editors and attract readers.

Over the years some journals have become so famous that they have made it on the bestselling lists. The names of those who wrote them have become world renown. A very good example of this is the personal diary of Anne Frank that related her life experience of hiding during World War II. Anne, her family and 4 friends were Jewish and faced imminent danger in Amsterdam under Nazi rule. The diary was given to her when she was only 13 years old and covered a period of 2 years. It not only gained prominence under 2 titles but eventually was made into films, television movies, theatrical productions and even an opera.

Start journaling today and if you are doing so keep going. It could lead to a writing career and the bonus is that it is good medicine for the mind, body and soul.

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