SEO Is Not Just for Blogs Anymore

SEO Is Not Just for Blogs Anymore

When people think of SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is the blog. Write a new blog each week and stuff it with the hottest, most relevant keywords. That’s the common wisdom among most search marketers. But blogs are only one part of your website, and ignoring the rest could cost you valuable leads and customers.

SEO Is Not Just for Blogs AnymoreBlogs have turned into the easiest content to optimize because they change so frequently. If your last entry didn’t perform well, you always have next week to make it up. But keyword optimization is even more important on pages that don’t change from week to week, because they can bring in a steady stream of traffic over time. If your blog is doing great but the rest of your site is just coasting, maybe your SEO effort needs to go a little further. It can with just a few changes.

Product and Other Web Pages

Some searches are for specific items, like hot new products. So why not eliminate the middleman, aka your blog, and bring more people directly to the items themselves?

Fill your product copy with phrases that might be used in web searches. If, for example, people are searching for CJ Pony Mustang parts, they don’t just want the parts; they also want reliable, affordable, high-quality parts and top-notch, expert service. Strike a balance between product features and business attributes, and you’ll draw more traffic among more qualified customers.

Charts and Other Graphics

Your words are not the only things that can be optimized for search engines. Charts, photos, videos and other non-text content can be just as effective in increasing web traffic, maybe even more so, since graphics tend to outshine text.

To make your content stickier, add captions to charts and graphs with hot keywords, or turn your keywords into meta-tags. Plus, tag your website’s artwork, including logos and banners. When you use keywords inside and outside the text, your SEO strategy becomes more powerful.

Social Media

You already know what SEO can do for your social media feed. But did you know it can also boost your social media presence?

Search engines can pick up on Facebook and LinkedIn pages – search on your own name and see for yourself. By adding keywords to your page’s “About Us” section, your page ranks even higher, increasing your follower base.

Suppose a customer is trying to click for, but can’t find it. An optimized social media page does just as much to bring people to your website, and it’s one more way to engage them.

Make Your Keywords Sing!

Keywords are one part of Internet marketing, but they should be a pervasive part of it. Get out of the blog box and start optimizing all your content with the right keywords.

Guest Author Byline: This post was written by guest blogger Michelle, a marketing expert who likes blogging with tips and advice for business owners who want to learn how to use SEO.

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