Starting A Domain Name Appraisal Service

Starting A Domain Name Appraisal Service

Automated domain valuation services, like Valuate or Estibot, provide an incredible method for coming close on what your domains are worth.  Many great auction sites have in-house brokerage services.  Let’s pretend, for twenty-two point three seconds, that you wanted to begin your own little appraising company, and have only what amounts to be a diminutive idea of what’s involved.

domain-appraisalBelow are some key considerations before navigating towards domain name appraisal service launching, and options you may consider to be ingenious – or quite prevalent already; you just never thoroughly processed them.

Affiliate Lead Generation?

Perhaps one of the more ‘old school’ ways to obtain leads for your domain appraising business is through affiliate marketing.  Started and eventually patented by Amazon, affiliate marketing simply requires you to have a website, places to put advertisements and some desire to promote them.  Although this may seem like a smaller way to become even slightly vested into a valuation business, it’s a great start if you are new to online domain appraising, and have only your education to feed off.

You should probably have some worldly knowledge on how to become involved with affiliate networks.  Also, Commission Junction is perhaps the largest and highest paying affiliate network on the planet and offers pay per lead, pay per sale, pay per call and pay per click programs, and pays on the 16th of every month like clockwork.  Yes, these networks haven’t quite died – yet.

Blogging for Dollars

If affiliate marketing isn’t your bag, then another option in creating your own your domain appraising money machine is blogging.  Yes, although it seems more recreational than anything, blogging can actually be very beneficial in the long run.  Turning a blog into an article database and charging .50 an article would generate a great steady income in return for giving bloggers visibility.

Alongside this idea for your valuation business comes writing guest articles for people.  As you may have found on the internet, content is king and hard to come by; people are willing to pay hundreds for even the smallest amount of content, and this is where you can utilize your penchant for appraising and draw an income.  Write 20 or 30 articles and post them to various reputable blogs, and watch your income potential from appraisals soar like never before. As with any your domain name appraisal service idea, you must always have an opt-in list to turn to.  So no matter if you are running a blog or website, always have some sort of lead capture form to have in your back pocket as these are people that later can be marketed to.

In Closing: Conform, or Be Cast Out

No matter what means you wish to pursue your domain name appraisal service keep in mind that you will have competition, so keep your quality content high and your prices low enough to benefit from a hard day’s work.  In fact, if you’re yet to successfully obtain clients after 6 months and have tapped yourself out of marketing contention, perhaps you’re best suited for flipping domain names – or burgers – while letting the already established appraisal specialists do the work for you.

Regardless, never give your dreams the shaft without lubrication first.  You may need them later on.

Roger Kowalewski is a freelance writer and seasoned domainer from Indiana. You can follow him on Google Plus.

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