The Death Of Guest Posting: Will It Ever Come?

The Death Of Guest Posting: Will It Ever Come?

Some people aren’t well suited to office work. Certainly, most office workers have days when their heart isn’t in it, but some workers truly hate the nature of the routine- the daily commute where they have to fight the traffic or be crammed into a bus like a sardine. They sit at their desks, wondering why they have to wear a suit and tie when their job requires zero face-to-face interaction with clients of customers. For these workers, the dream remains working from home, although like with most workers, the primary dream is probably still winning the lottery. Most people who manage to make a living from working at home do so as a freelancer, and there are an increasing number of web-based positions that make this possible. These roles generally require the processing or creation of information, and many aspiring stay-at-home workers gleefully search for jobs where they can make supposedly easy money by blogging. Such positions do exist, but are far and few between, and opening an online job advertisement can be disappointing when it’s seen that the job in question requires the worker to “guest post.”

For the Writer

When it comes to guest posting, it’s not as easy as simply creating lucid, well informed text and being paid for it- an aspiring writer has little chance of success with guest posting unless they have pre-existing connections with other bloggers and high traffic sites, usually with a PR3+ or a domain authority of 30+, in addition to well selected hyperlinks and images sourced from sites such as Flickr where the user has authorized usage via the Creative Commons Agreement. It’s certainly far more complicated than the more usual methods of posting, where the text is ordered and writer simply creates and uploads it, but guest posting can be far more lucrative for a writer if they successfully place the post on a high trafficked site with an exceptional domain authority. Many high domain authority sites accept guest postings, but writers who excel at it tend to do so with a previously established working relationship with the blog in question, so it’s something that can certainly be built up over time.

For the Blog

Blogs require the creation of fresh content on an ongoing basis, as the easiest way to shed readers (and the subsequent domain authority and page ranking) is to neglect to give readers anything new. Many blogs, whether run by individuals or as part of a corporate online presence have this down to an art, by providing regular updates like clockwork. But still, this content needs to come from somewhere, and as such, requesting/accepting guest posts is a simple solution, and if a style guide is adhered to (if one is given at all), it’s an easy way to get fresh content whilst still maintaining the voice and tone of the blog. Content creation companies that acquire writers expressly for the purpose of guest posting usually have their writers target high authority blogs in order to insert back links to other sites, thus drawing traffic to these other sites. The content and links are designed to drive traffic to a relevant site, which decreases the bounce rate, rather than a randomized approach- so a blog that covers OrangeSoda online marketing strategies is unlikely to direct you to an online poker site.

Targeted guest posting isn’t going to go away anytime soon- there are numerous benefits for guest writers, blog owners and content creation agencies, and in fact, a whole sub industry has developed around this process. The only ones who can potentially lose out are the end users, who might read a blog of interest without realizing that it was specifically created to drive them to another corner of the web entirely.

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