Three Things Every Mobile Website Needs

Three Things Every Mobile Website Needs

Congratulations! You’ve decided to go mobile. Now your customers can keep in touch with you wherever they go.  The question you have to ask yourself now, though, is whether they’ll want to.

Mobile users don’t sit in one place, so your mobile presence shouldn’t, either. The web design mobile sites require is interactive, dynamic and engaging. It prompts users to take an action and reach out, either to the business itself or to fellow users. To get this interaction and engagement going, your mobile site needs these three things.

Easy Navigation Tools

Three Things Every Mobile Website NeedsHave you ever gone to a website and couldn’t find a navigation button? Did you ever return to the site? Probably not.

Mobile users don’t have time to navigate mobile sites, and if they don’t see the buttons they want, they’ll move on for good. Prevent this by making site easy to navigate.

Keep the homepage content light and add easy-to-read buttons that link to key landing pages, including product pages and order forms. Also, remember that users don’t have time for complicated processes, so make sure orders, messages and other transactions take only one step. Users like mobile sites that are easy-to-use, so make yours as easy as possible.

Quick Interactivity

Mobile devices have turned into all-in-one devices for most users, so it makes sense they would use them to stay in touch with their favorite in one way or another. So make sure your mobile website provides all the necessary touch-points to help users stay in touch with your business.

Add a call button that goes directly to your phone number. Add an email button or an IM button so users can send a quick note. Add social media buttons so they can interact with you on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media channel you use. Mobile devices have become the main point-of-contact for most of us, so create a mobile site that gives users every chance to contact you.

Easy Selling

Website costs were always easy to justify because they help businesses sell more products in less time without having to hire more salespeople. It’s also one of the reasons mobile websites are taking off, so build a mobile site that drives more sales and revenue.

Make searches easy so users can find the products they want. If you have multiple stores or your products are available in multiple locations, use Google Maps to pinpoint the nearest locations to users.

Create simple order forms that allow users to buy products quickly and pay for them with PayPal or online banking accounts. Mobile devices are supposed to make life easier; make sure your mobile site does the same for your customers.

Go Mobile and Get Your Business Going!

Mobile users don’t sit around, so they need sites that fit into their busy lives. Make your website simple, quick and convenient, and you’ll capture enough of their fleeting attention to boost your business!

This guest post was written by Michelle.  She has extensive experience in improving marketing efficiency by reducing and optimizing website costs and enjoys sharing her insights with readers.

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