Web Marketing Basics For Website Facelift

Web Marketing Basics For Website Facelift


Website-ContentSearch engine marketing is a must for every business in operation today. It is no longer a novelty but a crucial process of creating awareness and traffic to your modern business card – your website. First impressions are critical, specifically for small business owners. But how can you distinguish yourself when everyone else has a website? And most importantly, what can you do to give your website a facelift and effectively position your brand?

Website Marketing Basics

If your company has been around since the late 1990s, you are most likely one of those companies who launched their first website at the onset of the Internet era. But the question is: How many times have you refreshed your website design since you launched it? As it turns out, a lot of small business owners, whose websites went up some 15 years ago, are still using first-generation websites. While they looked brilliant at that time, these websites today look outdated and, in all likelihood, are difficult to navigate. If you want to give a lasting impression on your customers and prospects, start updating your website.

Below are some practical ways to give your website a makeover and inspire your market to do business with you.

Work with a website designer.

The crowdedness of the Internet today necessitates your business to acquire a unique look, one that will make you stand out from the sea of competition. While you can always go with an online template and save some significant bucks, you risk making your website appear unprofessional and unreliable. Having a website designer can help you achieve the immediate goal of looking distinctive. If you want your online business card to make the best impression on customers and prospective alike, you need to look for a designer with a track record of satisfied clients.

Strengthen your brand with good design.

Ask your designer to update the look of your site. You want to make sure that the design reflects your brand. Work on coming up with an ideal, modern font that highlights your company name and then decide on a logo, or improve an existing one. Go through various color elements that replicate your brand and use these across all your materials, from your website to your promotional pages as well as your advertising materials, including your invoices, and stationery. The key is to focus on uniformity and to make sure that every piece you decide on is part of a branding strategy and not an addendum.

Take out the offending elements.

Google occasionally releases updates that ensure websites adhere to white hat SEO strategies. Be sure that your website does not have any of the black hat elements to avoid getting penalized. Focus on web marketing techniques that help to give your site a good ranking such as claiming your site name or domain on all platforms, incorporating keywords into your content and web pages, and using optimized images and videos to adapt to the search engines’ use of blended search results.

Embrace multimedia and promote on social media.

Today’s environment calls for meaningful imagery in your web marketing campaigns. For example, make use of free, highly visited sites such as YouTube. Create video campaigns, launch promotions and introduce new products via this visual medium. Craft a keyword-rich headline and content, create a strong editorial message, and put out a persuasive call to action. Then, promote these materials on all your social media pages. Consider offering incentives to attract customers and encourage them to do business with you.

The fast-changing online business environment dictates the need for you to adapt or you will get left behind. Now is the time to make a serious effort to spread the word out about your business and you can only do that effectively if your website is attractive and adheres to all the latest standards of the Internet and your industry.

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