What is Domain Name Monitoring?

What is Domain Name Monitoring?

Domain Monitoring tracks current and historical changes that are made to a domain name’s settings. Domain Monitoring can track domain names that have been registered anywhere. When changes occur, the subscriber for domain monitoring is notified via email.

Domain Name MonitoringYou can monitor domain name changes for a list of expiring domains and backorder those domain names so the instant they become available, they are already purchased by you. Domain monitoring can be setup for a year at a time.

Domain Monitoring services, specifically monitors:

  • Registrar — Tracks the monitored domain name for any registrar changes.
  • Status — Tracks the monitored domain name for any changes to a domain name’s status. E.g., if a monitored domain name registered with us changes its status to unlocked, Domain Monitoring notifies you. It also notifies you when a monitored domain name that is not registered with us goes into pendDelete or redemptionPeriod status; indicating that the domain name might soon become available.
  • Expiration Date — Tracks the monitored domain name for any changes to the registration expiration date..
  • Nameserver — Tracks the monitored domain name for nameserver changes.

Which domain names can I track with Domain Monitoring?

You can use Domain Monitoring to track any domain name with a .com, .us, .biz, .net, .org, .info, .me, .mobi, or .co extension, even ones that are registered by other registrars.

How often are Domain Monitoring notifications sent?

Domain Monitoring notifies you via email whenever the status of a domain name that you are monitoring changes. By default, the administrative contact receives all Domain Monitoring notifications, but you can set up two additional contacts to receive them. The email notification is sent within 24 hours of change.

Can I Backorder the Monitored Domain Names?

When you purchase Domain Monitoring services, you can also place a backorder on for those requested domain names should they become available for registration. If the backorder is not successful, you can reassign the backorder to another domain name or request a refund from the registrar.


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