What to Consider When Choosing a WordPress Theme

What to Consider When Choosing a WordPress Theme

Choosing a WordPress theme can be very difficult considering how many different designs and styles are available. Every conceivable layout, navigation style, and design is out there waiting to be the platform you utilize for your blog or site. So, how do you choose the theme that is going to suit both your needs, and the preferences of your desired audience?

Determine Expectations

ThemeFuse - premium wordpress themesIt is important to first take the time to really think about what it is that you want from your WordPress theme. Determine a clear set of requirements and expectations, and then browse the available premium WordPress themes to find one that will meet or exceed every single one. It is must easier, and affordable, to start with a theme that already delivers everything you need than to try to manipulate and alter the design later.

Characteristic Considerations

The first characteristic to consider is the home page display and overall layout of the design. You need to decide which pieces of information, widgets, and graphics you want to have displayed on your home page. Some themes will be able to accommodate what you need, without sacrificing navigation, functionality, or style. You will want to choose the layout that will naturally direct attention to the most important items and features. Some premium themes will have special features such as slideshows or galleries that will allow you to showcase specific information on your home page.

Navigation Capabilities

Next, you will want to choose a WordPress theme that will be easy to navigate for your users. Does the theme have primary and secondary navigation capabilities, and are they intuitive? It can be helpful to first outline all of the pages and information that you need to incorporate into your site, and then you can better determine where they would fit in any given theme. Does the theme have the capabilities to adequately support all of your categories and pages?

Visualize Your Content

The most important step when choosing a WordPress theme is to thoroughly examine the demo for each theme. Just scanning through a few screen shots and reading through a list of specifications should not make your decision. Most themes will allow you to navigate through a full demonstration. Take advantage of this opportunity and try to visualize your content on the pages. This will help you determine if the theme is going to help you deliver your content effectively and provide your readers with an enjoyable user friendly experience.

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